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American Lions

Edition 35                        15″H X 42″W X 10″D                     $7,800

“A number of years ago, I was fortunate to have been able to raise a mountain lion.  It was a priceless time of study and learning giving me the rare opportunity to truly know and love this animal in all its moods.  And, whether a cat is wild or domesticated, his favorite time of day is when he is enjoying a nap in the sun.”

Two cats, gated by laziness
Supple muscles at rest
Fearless repose, innocuous from interlopers
Breathing hosannas to the Spirits.

Released from sleep, their daily game begins
Curvate shapes, long tails tucked low
Golden contours slink through waving grass
Powerful sinew leap atop polished cupolas
Their silent prowess rewarded with sated appetite.

Solicitous play, amplified by sham growling
Feverish chase taken for fun and survival
Terrestrial roaming shunt intruders

All work done, day is done, well done.

Two cats, once more drenched with sleep
Light abandoned
Hidden bed awaits.
Artist’s soliloquy to its simplicity, to their mystery.

Sherry Salari Sander

Posted by Sherry on December 1, 2010