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Young Grizzlies


Cast Bronze                    10″H X 8 1/2″W X 5″D                    Retail:  $2000

A Mother Bear

Edition 35                  19″H X 12″W X 12″D                  $4600

“There are few predators willing to defy reason and cross sabers with a grizzly bear.  The exception may be a young male grizzly trying to make his mark in the genetic pool.  This foolishness is rewarded with the ferocity of a mother bear protecting her cubs.  She is a formidable opponent and rarely losses.  This bachelor will meander off, licking his pride and wounds, duly warned….lesson learned.”

AWARD:  The Pietro & Alfrieda Montana Memorial Award, Allied Artists of America 98th Annual Exhibition, New York City, 2011.

Young Black Bears

Edition 35                      9″H X 13″W X 6″D                      $2,200


After the Grain Spill

Edition 35                             13″H X 21″W X 10″D                     $3,800

Calling, comes the Great Northern
transecting east to west
Its music rides up and down the
ridges of glacial peaks
Song invites feasters with appetites
bigger than their circumstance.

A coach dances with reverence through
chiseled obelisks
This bearer of gifts climbs delicately
up a botanic boulevard
Then races down eroded chasms
leaping fearlessly across upended mountains
But choreography is interrupted by the
covertness of nature’s tricksters
The cascaron cracks lavishing its gold
upon the tracts, nothing hoarded.

Napi’s friends far and wide dine on the
consecrated overture of good fortune
Now, on the diapason of a tree
rests two black shadows
Now, a bear sprawled in the

arms of a ponderosa
Their resting ripened by the
stupefaction of full bellies.

Oh, for the pleasure
before hunger once more retakes.

                              Sherry Salari Sander


Boys in a Tussle

BoysInATussleWebEdition 35                       15″H X 17″W X 13″D                       $5,200


Courting Trouble

CourtingTroubleWebEdition 35                      15″H X 17″W X 10″D                      $5,000


Grizzly (Monumental)

Edition 8                 7.5’H X 9.5’W X 5.5’D                 Call for Price

Permanent Collections:

  • Big Sky of Montana, Huntley Lodge, Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, Montana, north of Yellowstone National Park
  • Art in Public Places, Bend, Oregon, installed in City roundabout
  • Private Collection


Grizzly Bust (’95)

GrizzlyBust'95WebEdition 35                      9″H X 6.5″W X 7″D                      $2,000


The Heavies

Edition 35                      15″H X 23″W X 9″D                      $7,600

“These young grizzlies take a respite from the work of being a bear to enjoy a friendly wrestling match.”


  • Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence
  • Allied Artists of America, New York, Ranieri Sculpture Casting Award




Polar Bear

PolarBearWebEdition 35                      12″H X 11″W X 5″D                      $2,400


Polar Bears

PolarBearsWebEdition 35                       10″H X 38″W X 8″D                      $6,200

“Trips taken to the Northwest Territories and Alaska have long sparked my interest in the animals and their surroundings in these regions.  I am constantly challenged to present animals intimately linked within the confines of their environment.  The drama in the lives of these Polar Bears and their territory is truly unique.  Expressing that drama in a good composition is all important to artistic achievement.  Simply stated in my composition, ‘These bears traverse a narrow ice crevice, which is part of the environment they call home.'”



Shore Patrol

Edition 25                      13″H X 18″W X 8″D                      $5,200

  • Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence
  • Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Art Exposition, Silver Medal of Honor


Up Spring Creek Canyon

Edition 35                      28″H X 28″W X 12″D                      $7,200

“Our family has a summer cabin in Central Montana where the ice cold creeks give up firm little ‘brookies’ if you have the right fly.  These sweet fresh pan fries need only corn on the cob to be called gourmet.  This delightful meal was anticipated while rocking on our front porch sipping a Crown Royal and talking about the fishing and the bear we saw deep in the high mountain berries “Up Spring Creek Canyon”.