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After the Grain Spill

Edition 35                             13″H X 21″W X 10″D                     $3,800

Calling, comes the Great Northern
transecting east to west
Its music rides up and down the
ridges of glacial peaks
Song invites feasters with appetites
bigger than their circumstance.

A coach dances with reverence through
chiseled obelisks
This bearer of gifts climbs delicately
up a botanic boulevard
Then races down eroded chasms
leaping fearlessly across upended mountains
But choreography is interrupted by the
covertness of nature’s tricksters
The cascaron cracks lavishing its gold
upon the tracts, nothing hoarded.

Napi’s friends far and wide dine on the
consecrated overture of good fortune
Now, on the diapason of a tree
rests two black shadows
Now, a bear sprawled in the

arms of a ponderosa
Their resting ripened by the
stupefaction of full bellies.

Oh, for the pleasure
before hunger once more retakes.

                              Sherry Salari Sander


Posted by Sherry on February 1, 2011