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On The Move (Heroic Size)

Edition 8                                      5ftH x 16ft”L x 3ftD                         Call for Price

Whether traveling in deep snow or difficult terrain, the wolf freely strides out using the supple, open rhythm of the long trot.  This aesthetic and efficient gait is designed for the conservation of energy for this far-ranging animal.

Foxes on the Bayou (Heroic Size and Maquette)

Edition 15                      59″H X 88″W X 50.0″D          Call for Price
Edition 35                      19″H X 26″W X 10.5″D                      $3,800

“One evening out of my studio window, a pair of foxes picked their way down a fallen cottonwood to my pond.  As I watched them, they looked up toward me framing a perfect composition.”


  • Society of Animal Artists, Elliot Liskin Memorial Award for Representational Sculpture
  • Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, New York, Corporate Award

Permanent Collections:

  • National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, Wyoming, Heroic-Size sculpture
  • Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art, Boulder, Colorado, Heroic-Size sculpture
  • Private Collection



Gorilla (Heroic Size & Maquette)

Edition 8                    47″H X 77″W X 30″D                   Call for Price
Edition 35                  17″H X 22″W X 10″D                          Sold Out

“I had always seen gorilla sculptures done on all fours with that mean posture and attitude.  They are not at all like that.  Although they do have a formidable look on their faces and sculpture can’t get around that, they are not in the least bit aggressive.  They are a passive, kind, shy introverted animal.  I designed this piece expressly for a zoo setting.  I made a real conscious effort to design the Gorilla so that kids would not fear it and would climb on it and sit on its lap.  I wanted it to lie in quiet repose.”

Permanent Collections:

  • Benson Park Sculpture Garden, Loveland, Colorado
  • The Denver Zoo, Denver, Colorado
  • Oklahoma City Zoo, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Genesee Country Museum, Mumford, New York
  • National Wildlife Art Museum, Jackson, Wyoming (Maquette)



Grizzly (Monumental)

Edition 8                 7.5’H X 9.5’W X 5.5’D                 Call for Price

Permanent Collections:

  • Big Sky of Montana, Huntley Lodge, Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, Montana, north of Yellowstone National Park
  • Art in Public Places, Bend, Oregon, installed in City roundabout
  • Private Collection


Tundra Swans

Edition 35                      40″H X 50″W X 34″D                                Call for Price
(Base not included)

As written about Tundra Swans:  Not content to model the magnificent tundra swan floating placidly or with its wings tucked in, Sherry Sander worked to incorporate the swans’ tremendously powerful wings into her final sculptural composition.  She stated, “The extended neck of the male swan was critical in achieving a visual balance between the actual volume of the birds and the expanse of their wings.  I wanted the swans to appear graceful as well as regal”.

Traveling Exhibitions:

  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Birds in Art National Tour 1990-1991; Japanese Tour 1991-1992
  • Hubbard Museum, German and Russian Exhibitions 1990



Whitetail Deer (Heroic Size)

Edition 15                      7.5’H X 9’W X 4’D                      Call for Price

Permanent Collections:

  • Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art, Boulder, Colorado
  • City of Kalispell, Kalispell, Montana
  • Private Collections


Wood Ducks on Still Water


Edition 35                      21″H X 77″W X 22″D                      Call For Price

“My studio is built upon the banks of a secluded pond where I have the good fortune to see many varieties of birds and animals.  One special day I observed the most beautiful of all waterfowl, the North American Wood Duck.  This was a special event as they are not very social and several years may go by without a migration gracing our pond.  I was granted a long visit while they rested and preened upon cottonwood deadfall at water’s edge giving me leisure time to develop this sculpture titled Wood Ducks on Still Water.”

Permanent Collections:

  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin



Young Elephant

YoungElephantWebEdition 15              37″H X 56″W X 41″D (3/4 Life Size)              Call For Price

“The always fresh, somewhat theatrical gestures of youth command attention. On one trip to Zimbabwe, Africa, I studied a calf at a watering hole and thought this gesture particularly endearing.”