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Northerns on North Pond


Edition 35                      23″H X 36.5″W X 12.5″H                      $6,800

Frost grows deep
Waters north stilled under ice
Cold, restless, wrench upward outward
Fleeing down the continental reef
By quarter moon sight the North Star.

Iridescent greens and blues
Streak through the dense gray
Clip ice crystals as they come.
Summer’s thick shade now bared.
Losing height, side to side tipping
Down hard, iced wing grounded.

Strewn arms of pine
Etch bank of warm mud.
Steam rising, outlines of huddled forms
Heads tucked in down, at rest.
Fed well on fall’s barley
Guests on the North Pond.
                              Sherry Salari Sander


Posted by Sherry on November 1, 2003