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Crossing the Divide

Edition 25                      30″H X 88″W X 12″D                      $18,000
Wood display base included; Wood with granite base is additional cost

“The dogs in the sculpture are cross-bred, actually Alaskan Heinz 57 so-to-speak.  In that area, dogs are often bred for strength and endurance; dogs with heart and dogs capable of withstanding the severe weather.”

National Academy of Western Art (NAWA), Silver Medal Award


Eagles at Lake Iliamna


                  Edition Size 35                    17″H X 20″W X 16″D                    $6200

“Our family has a cabin in Alaska located in the heart of the Lake Iliamna Salmon Fishery.  Grizzlies and eagles abound taking advantage of the schools of salmon returning to the rivers for the seasonal spawning runs.  Reaching these isolated sights by float plane, we circled overhead referencing the grizzlies before landing to observe eagles and do a little fishing.  Once down, and with the watchful eye for bears, we enjoyed being entertained by these powerful birds of prey squabbling over their fish dinner.”


Pile up on the Freight Line

Edition 35                      15″H X 35″W X 8″D                      $9,800

“Adapting a way of life to the environment has always fascinated me.  Especially so with the Eskimos who have long used dog sleds for traveling, transporting freight as well as moving entire villages when hunting near home becomes scarce.  The fan-hitch type of harness depicted in this sculpture is constructed of seal skin rope referred to as Atsuna.  These ropes of varying lengths, or traces as they are commonly called, easily become crossed and tangled causing frequent stops along the way to straighten them out.  As troublesome as this may be at times, it is still a very reliable and efficient method of travel.”


  • Buffalo Bill Historical Center Art Show, Artist’s Choice Award



Polar Bear

PolarBearWebEdition 35                      12″H X 11″W X 5″D                      $2,400


Polar Bears

PolarBearsWebEdition 35                       10″H X 38″W X 8″D                      $6,200

“Trips taken to the Northwest Territories and Alaska have long sparked my interest in the animals and their surroundings in these regions.  I am constantly challenged to present animals intimately linked within the confines of their environment.  The drama in the lives of these Polar Bears and their territory is truly unique.  Expressing that drama in a good composition is all important to artistic achievement.  Simply stated in my composition, ‘These bears traverse a narrow ice crevice, which is part of the environment they call home.'”