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Swans at Freezeout Lake

SwansAtFreezeoutLakeBackWebSwansAtFreezeoutLakeBackWebSwansAtFreezeoutLakeFrontWebEdition Size 35                    10″H X 10″W X 7″D                     Retail:  $2400


Berries in the Snow

Edition 35                       12″H X 12″W X 6″D                       $1,800

“Just beyond my studio window, grows a splendid Mountain Ash.  It produces berries that tenaciously cling to its stems throughout the fierce winds of approaching winter.  The fruit will remain long after the leaves have fallen and decayed under the snow.  The deep red against a background of white creates a visual richness on a gray day attracting many.  Turkeys wobble on the thinner branches trying to pick at berries beyond their reach.  To the side, pheasants feast, while chickadees dart in and out.  The chattering of squirrels completes the ensemble.  Simply, a visual gift to me, but of immense importance to those needing energy to endure the cold months ahead.”

Awards & Collections:

  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin, Purchase Award




Edition 50                      4″H X 3.5″W X 2″D                      $425


On the Jump

Edition 35                      15″H X 16″W X 12″D                      $3,400

We had a pretty little Springer called Buddy, who loved to take us for walks in our grain fields.  With her nose to the ground, intersecting our straight path left to right and back again, she worked in the hope that there might be a flush to experience.  After all those years I walked behind this tireless pet, I never failed to be thrilled when she sprung into action, and sent a beautiful pheasant in iridescent colors “On the Jump”.


Arctic Terns


Edition 35                       21″H X 42″W X 13″D                       $6,500

“This community is never still with a constant flutter of activity.  Yet those choosing to huddle and rest are mysteriously undisturbed.”





Edition 25                      17″H X 9″W X 11″D                      $2,000

Eagles at Lake Iliamna


                  Edition Size 35                    17″H X 20″W X 16″D                    $6200

“Our family has a cabin in Alaska located in the heart of the Lake Iliamna Salmon Fishery.  Grizzlies and eagles abound taking advantage of the schools of salmon returning to the rivers for the seasonal spawning runs.  Reaching these isolated sights by float plane, we circled overhead referencing the grizzlies before landing to observe eagles and do a little fishing.  Once down, and with the watchful eye for bears, we enjoyed being entertained by these powerful birds of prey squabbling over their fish dinner.”


Flight Line

FlightLineWebEdition 35                      17″H X 54″W X 20″D                      $14,000

“Flamingos present a wonderful opportunity for a study of textures and shapes.  The composition, itself, replays memories of my son queued for takeoff in his F16, hence the name “Flight Line”.”


Geese on a Muddy Bank

GeeseOnAMuddyBankWebEdition 35                      25″H X 41″W X 28″D                      $13,500


Golden on a Ledge

GoldenOnALedgeWebEdition 35                       17″H X 9″W X 6″D                      $2,200


Herd of Birds

Edition 35                      14″H X 38″W X 8″D                      SOLD OUT

“The challenge in designing Herd of Birds was to create a lyrical, perhaps even playful, mood while still maintaining the ostriches’ integrity.
“For a seemingly awkward animal, the ostrich is extremely graceful at full speed.”


  • International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art, Patrons Choice Award

Permanent Collections:

  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Private Collections

Upon the stones
ten thousand years sooner than I,
Historians were scripting annals
of birds that run.

Shared is the desire to record
this wizardry of nature,
this ancient family of the savanna.
And, in the telling, images of
beaks agape hawking their journey
Sailing a sea of sand and wind.

Scratched in stone,
forms in bronze
Unabridged by space or subsequence,
The need remains,
we recombine.
Children of our,
show others their way.
Sherry Salari Sander


Hidden in Dogwood

HiddenInDogwoodWebEdition 35                      21.5″H X 20″W X 10″D                      $4,200

“Steam rises from the open spring, cooling above on the canopy that protects the pond.  A rustling of early frost can be heard.  Below, amid the leaf-felled dogwood of summer, preen the last remaining ‘Northerns’ headed south.”


Mallard Study I

MallardStudyIWebEdition 35                      10″H X 8″W X 8″D                      $1,800


Mallard Study II


Edition 35                      12″H X 9″W X 7″D                      $1,800

“We have a series of spring-fed ponds on our ranch that stay open throughout the winter.  Mallards, geese and others pour onto these springs by the hundreds.  I’ve had thrilling days watching them break through the dense gray searching for an open spot on our bird hostel.”


Northerns on North Pond


Edition 35                      23″H X 36.5″W X 12.5″H                      $6,800

Frost grows deep
Waters north stilled under ice
Cold, restless, wrench upward outward
Fleeing down the continental reef
By quarter moon sight the North Star.

Iridescent greens and blues
Streak through the dense gray
Clip ice crystals as they come.
Summer’s thick shade now bared.
Losing height, side to side tipping
Down hard, iced wing grounded.

Strewn arms of pine
Etch bank of warm mud.
Steam rising, outlines of huddled forms
Heads tucked in down, at rest.
Fed well on fall’s barley
Guests on the North Pond.
                              Sherry Salari Sander



Edition 35                      8″H X 6.5″W X 4.5″D                      $1,200



PeacocksWebEdition 35                      20″H X 20″W X 10″D                      $3,800

“The themes or ideas expressed in my work present themselves out of the nature of an animal.  In this particular sculpture, I took advantage of the Peacock’s ability to evoke visual information through a display of plumage in pursuing a mate or warding off a potential rival.”


North American Sculpture Exhibition, H.R. Meininger Co. Award.




Pelican2WebEdition 35                      22″H X 15″W X 7″D                      $2,700


Pelican with Fish

PelicanWebEdition 35                       20″H X 11″W X 8″D                      $2,800


  • National Sculpture Society, Bedi-Makky Foundry Prize for Bronze Sculpture



Edition 35                         15″H X 24″W                         $3,200


Snake in the Grass

SnakeInTheGrassWebEdition 35                      18″H X 27″W X 17″D                      $4,800

“The Secretary Bird is graceful in flight but prefers to spend most of its time on the plains of Africa running after prey which are mainly snakes.  It is, by nature, a solitary bird but does hunt more effectively with its life mate.  One may stomp or beat its wings on the ground to disorientate the victim while the other brings home the bacon.  I was fortunate on one occasion in Africa to see this over-sized hawk which is quite rare and protected by law.”


Songbirds in My Garden

SongbirdsInMyGardenWebEdition 35                      20″H X 9″W X 7″D                      $2,800

“Finches, Chickadees, Sparrows, Waxwings and Blackbirds are just some of the variety of birds crowding my feeders at different times of the year.  They are each so wonderfully unique, it’s difficult to pick a favorite.  These birds are a delight to behold and significantly influence my world.  To sculpt these birds seemed a natural progression of my work.”


Spring on Spring Creek

SpringOnSpringCreekWebEdition 35                      11″H X 28″W X 8″D                    $3,400


Spring Squabble

SpringSquabble2WebEdition 35                    19″H X 37″W X 23″D                      $9,500

“My husband, Loren, and I have spent many years planting coverage, caring for the water and designing natural habitat for the birds and animals with which we share our ranch.  We continue to be immensely rewarded for our modest endeavor by the peeks into the lives of our ‘family’ such as these pheasants.

During the mating season, I have seen the roosters squabbling noisily while the hens seem not to be impressed with their spring finery or their show of pride.  But, thanks to this territorial bickering, I had great fun this past winter sculpting these ringnecks and now sharing this scene with you.”



StumpinWebEdition 50                      9″H X 4″W X 3.5″D                      $950

“It would be unusual, as I ride my horse through the woods on our ranch, not to see owls perched on a stump using the height for visual advantage in search of tasty morsels.  It seems birds and animals are less startled by the sound of the four beat pattern of a horse, and so ‘Yogo’ and I got a treat coming upon these great-horned owls before they took flight.”