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A Little Play

Edition 35                         10″H X 9″W X 5″D                         $2,200

“Through the fields go a pair of foxes that frequent our property. Head held high, nose to the wind, threading daintily a line that takes the two through gopher town.  However, they are not opposed to breaking stride to poke their noses in a hole or two.  As the day warms, they will seek shade in which to rest.  It now cools and finds the pair refreshed for a little play before they are once again on their way.”

What’s Up?

Edition 35                      10″H X 7″W X 3.5″D                      $1,100


After Winter

Edition 35                       15″H X 9″W X 8″D                       $3,400

“The overture begins with a rise in temperature.  Spring is near and with that a period of shy playfulness followed by the serious selection of a mate.”

Society of Animal Artists, Award of Merit

Foxes on the Bayou (Heroic Size and Maquette)

Edition 15                      59″H X 88″W X 50.0″D          Call for Price
Edition 35                      19″H X 26″W X 10.5″D                      $3,800

“One evening out of my studio window, a pair of foxes picked their way down a fallen cottonwood to my pond.  As I watched them, they looked up toward me framing a perfect composition.”


  • Society of Animal Artists, Elliot Liskin Memorial Award for Representational Sculpture
  • Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, New York, Corporate Award

Permanent Collections:

  • National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, Wyoming, Heroic-Size sculpture
  • Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art, Boulder, Colorado, Heroic-Size sculpture
  • Private Collection



Playing Foxes

PlayingFoxesWebEdition 25                         15″H X 12″W                         $3,000