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Edition 35                    12″H X 11.5″W X 4″D                         $1,800

“This sculpture represents a moment suspended in time as an antelope races through the sagebrush.”


Antelope at Ingomar


Edition 35                         14″H X 36″W X 11″D                         $8,200

Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming, People’s Choice Award



Antelope Bust ’95


Edition 35                   14″H X 6″W X 9″D                   $2,000


Environment at Winnett

EnvironmentAtWinnettWebEdition 35                      14″H X 48″W X 10″D                       $12,000

“The area of Winnett in central Montana is an outdoor sculpture in itself.  Bold geometric rock formations, colored by light, are to be found no where but on the plains of Montana.  Antelope and many other animals call the “Environment at Winnett” home.”



PronghornWebEdition 35                      11.5″H X 13″W X 6″D                      $2,200