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Berries in the Snow

Edition 35                       12″H X 12″W X 6″D                       $1,800

“Just beyond my studio window, grows a splendid Mountain Ash.  It produces berries that tenaciously cling to its stems throughout the fierce winds of approaching winter.  The fruit will remain long after the leaves have fallen and decayed under the snow.  The deep red against a background of white creates a visual richness on a gray day attracting many.  Turkeys wobble on the thinner branches trying to pick at berries beyond their reach.  To the side, pheasants feast, while chickadees dart in and out.  The chattering of squirrels completes the ensemble.  Simply, a visual gift to me, but of immense importance to those needing energy to endure the cold months ahead.”

Awards & Collections:

  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin, Purchase Award



On the Jump

Edition 35                      15″H X 16″W X 12″D                      $3,400

We had a pretty little Springer called Buddy, who loved to take us for walks in our grain fields.  With her nose to the ground, intersecting our straight path left to right and back again, she worked in the hope that there might be a flush to experience.  After all those years I walked behind this tireless pet, I never failed to be thrilled when she sprung into action, and sent a beautiful pheasant in iridescent colors “On the Jump”.



Edition 35                         15″H X 24″W                         $3,200


Spring Squabble

SpringSquabble2WebEdition 35                    19″H X 37″W X 23″D                      $9,500

“My husband, Loren, and I have spent many years planting coverage, caring for the water and designing natural habitat for the birds and animals with which we share our ranch.  We continue to be immensely rewarded for our modest endeavor by the peeks into the lives of our ‘family’ such as these pheasants.

During the mating season, I have seen the roosters squabbling noisily while the hens seem not to be impressed with their spring finery or their show of pride.  But, thanks to this territorial bickering, I had great fun this past winter sculpting these ringnecks and now sharing this scene with you.”