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Indian Maiden

IndianMaidenWebEdition 35                         13.5″H X 8″W                         $1,700


On the River

Edition 35                      12.5″H X 36″W X 9.5″D                      $6,800

Somewhere, beneath the white noise of the water,
It moves sedately, secretively
Shouldering the reckless action of the river.

If for contrast, as in all great design,
A quiet pool must lie ahead.
Shards of light seem
To obstruct the way there.

Stones bruised by stones, molded by heat
Offer a respite for the way upstream.
Upheavals of gold, ochre, burnt umber
Cater to the sleek body streaked with red.

But, shadows are cast upon its path.
An ancient people of mountain and river,
Now, as before,
Fishing under the long sun of summer.
Sherry Salari Sander

Spirit Strike

SpiritStrikeWebEdition 35                      23″H X 35″W X 18″D                      $4,200

“My husband, Loren, and I had taken our horses into the Bob Marshall Wilderness south of Browning, Montana, scouting for elk.  We came upon a tree that had been literally exploded by a lightning strike.  I had a feeling that, in times long ago, many a Blackfoot woman searched for firewood after a similar violent storm.  Perhaps a gift from the ‘Spirits’?”


Straight-Up Bonnet

strEdition 50                      12″H X 4.5″W X 5.5″D                      $2,000

“This eagle feather headdress is unique to the Blackfeet Tribe which resides near my home in northwest Montana.  It was a wonderful resource for sculpting this feather study in which the portrait itself becomes incidental.  The Straight-Up Bonnet was a religious and war item worn only by very important tribal members and great warriors.  It could be transferred only through ceremonial ritual and the exchange of many horses and other valuables.  It is now worn only at special religious functions.”