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Barroom Bandit

Edition 35                       15″H X 16″W X 13″D                       $3,800

“The young man who rode “Barroom Bandit” is a patient of my husband, Loren, who saw him on a regular basis as he was quite addicted to the adrenaline rush those kids get from riding bulls.  While he was mending from the last broken bone, this cowboy kindly lent me his rigging which I used for this piece of sculpture.”

Crossing Spring Creek

CrossingSpringCreekWebEdition 35            26″H X 61″W X 23″D         $18,500 (Wood Base)                                                                               $19,500 (Wood/Granite)

“Last summer, I, along with my trusty cow horse, Zack, my husband and friends, moved cattle from the lower winter pasture up into the summer range.  As the herd balked at crossing Spring Creek, Zack, with his head down and ears back, helped push the cattle down the bank, across the creek and up the other side, giving me the idea for this piece.”

6 1/2 Seconds

SixOneHalfSecondsWebEdition 35                      16″H X 16″W X 9″D                      $3,200