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Young Grizzlies


Cast Bronze                    10″H X 8 1/2″W X 5″D                    Retail:  $2000

Swans at Freezeout Lake

SwansAtFreezeoutLakeBackWebSwansAtFreezeoutLakeBackWebSwansAtFreezeoutLakeFrontWebEdition Size 35                    10″H X 10″W X 7″D                     Retail:  $2400


A dissonant Descent

Edition 35                         12.5″H X 8″W X 8″D                         $3200
“In music, dissonant may refer to notes close together causing tension.  These two cats are making a descent simultaneously, but their climb downward is precarious and slightly off balance.  However, a split second later in this scene, will find them landing with grace on a safer precipice”.

A Little Play

Edition 35                         10″H X 9″W X 5″D                         $2,200

“Through the fields go a pair of foxes that frequent our property. Head held high, nose to the wind, threading daintily a line that takes the two through gopher town.  However, they are not opposed to breaking stride to poke their noses in a hole or two.  As the day warms, they will seek shade in which to rest.  It now cools and finds the pair refreshed for a little play before they are once again on their way.”

Berries in the Snow

Edition 35                       12″H X 12″W X 6″D                       $1,800

“Just beyond my studio window, grows a splendid Mountain Ash.  It produces berries that tenaciously cling to its stems throughout the fierce winds of approaching winter.  The fruit will remain long after the leaves have fallen and decayed under the snow.  The deep red against a background of white creates a visual richness on a gray day attracting many.  Turkeys wobble on the thinner branches trying to pick at berries beyond their reach.  To the side, pheasants feast, while chickadees dart in and out.  The chattering of squirrels completes the ensemble.  Simply, a visual gift to me, but of immense importance to those needing energy to endure the cold months ahead.”

Awards & Collections:

  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin, Purchase Award



Buffalo Bust

Edition 35                       10″H X 7 1/2″W X 5″D                        $1,600



Edition 50                      4″H X 3.5″W X 2″D                      $425


Fallen Cottonwood

Edition 35                      11″H X 12″W X 7″D                       $2,600



Edition 35                      12″H X 6″W X 6″D                      $1,800


Keepers of the Barn

Edition 35                      10.5″H X 5″W X 4″D                      $1,200


What’s Up?

Edition 35                      10″H X 7″W X 3.5″D                      $1,100


Whitetail Deer Bust 2012

Edition 35                      13″H X 5.5″W X 5″D                      $1,600


Young Black Bears

Edition 35                      9″H X 13″W X 6″D                      $2,200


After Winter

Edition 35                       15″H X 9″W X 8″D                       $3,400

“The overture begins with a rise in temperature.  Spring is near and with that a period of shy playfulness followed by the serious selection of a mate.”

Society of Animal Artists, Award of Merit



Edition 35                    12″H X 11.5″W X 4″D                         $1,800

“This sculpture represents a moment suspended in time as an antelope races through the sagebrush.”


Baby Elephant


Edition 35                       9″H X 10″W X 7″D                       $2,200

Bighorn Study

BigHornStudyWebEdition 35                       10″H X 13″W X 12″D                       $2,200

“This composition reflects my fascination with the ram’s horns which are the focus of this study  rather than the Bighorn bucks themselves.”

Bison Study

Edition 35                        13.5″H X 13″W X 9″D                       $2,400


Cat & Mouse


Edition 25                       13″H X 12″W X 9″D                         $2,200



Change of Command

ChangeOfCommandWebEdition 35                   11″H X 4.5″W X 5″D                   $1,600



DorindaWebEdition 35                      11″H X 12″W X 6″D                       $2,800

“Dorinda results from my reverence for the human form and from endless hours of life drawing over the years.  This sculpture expresses the broader scope of my work and emphasizes combining figures, forms, gestures and textures.”


Glacier Goats

GlacierGoatsWebEdition 50                      10″H X 10″W X 6″D                       $2,000



GorillaSittingWebEdition 35                      10″H X 6″W X 9.5″D                       $2,400


Gorilla Bust

GorillaBustWebEdition 35                            13″H X 8″W                           $1,800


Humpback Whales

HumbackWhalesWebEdition 50                      9″H X 10″W X 4″D                       $1,800