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Buffalo Bust

Edition 35                       10″H X 7 1/2″W X 5″D                        $1,600


One Bull’s Intrusion

Edition 35                      12″H X 16″W X 9″D                      $4,800

These two bulls are exhibiting a fighting style called “hooking”.  They may stand parallel from a distance of 15 to 20 feet, and if the intruder does not move off quickly enough, the mature bull will turn, rush his opponent ramming his forehead and horn against his body hooking him off the ground.  Dust and bellowing complete this picture of power and dominance.”


American Bison

AmericanBisonWebEdition 35                       22″H X 38″W X 16.5″D                    Sold Out

“I live in the northwest corner of Montana not far from the National Bison Range and have ready access to the great American Buffalo.  Not only is this animal a symbol of our national heritage, it is steeped in Montana history as well.”


  • Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence
  • Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale, Cody, Wyoming, William E. Weiss Purchase Award
  • C.M. Russell Museum, Great Falls, Montana, Best of Show
  • The Biscoe Museum, San Antonio, Texas, Artists Choice Award


  • Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming
  • Gerald Ford Foundation, Vail, Colorado
  • High Desert Museum, Bend, Oregon







Bison Study

Edition 35                        13.5″H X 13″W X 9″D                       $2,400


Cut Bank Piskun

CutBankPiskunWebEdition 35                       18″H X 30″W X 12″D                     $6,800


Young Bulls

Edition 35                      9.5″H X 10″W X 5″D                      SOLD OUT