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To the Sandbar Willows

ToSandbarWillowsBackWebToSandbarWillowsFrontWebEdition Size 35                    14″H X 12″W X 6″D                    Retail $2400

Musselshell Valley


MussellshellValleyFrontWeb                                                Edition 35              16″H X 14″W X 7″D              $3400


Flight of Two

FlightOfTwoHeadOnWebFlightOfTwoBackWebFlightOfTwoWebEdition Size 35                   16″H X 18″W X 12″D                      Retail:  $4200

Reservation Horses

ReservationHorsesBackWebReservationHorsesTopWebReservationHorsesWebEdition Size 35          21″H X 17″W X 15″D            Retail:  $5800

Living in the Flathead Valley places us between two reservations. On the eastern border of Glacier Park, across the Continental Divide, lays Browning on the Blackfoot Reservation. My husband Loren, practiced medicine there for several years making many, long lasting friendships. One such rancher by the name of “Mouse”, asked us to bring two of our best cow ponies to help him move cows and to plan on a full day’s ride. We covered ground mostly unreachable by truck taking us into open range where everyone’s cattle and horses shared the weather. The free rangers are a tough bunch of horses breeding and fouling on their own much as they have done for centuries. This mixing with neighboring stock till the lines of ownership are blurred, doesn’t seem to bother folks. They say, “if you can ride ‘em, you can use ‘em”. These two horses in my sculpture fit that description perfectly.


Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Cowgirl Up? Art from the Other Half of the West Exhibition, Purchase Award, 2015.


American Bison

AmericanBisonWebEdition 35                       22″H X 38″W X 16.5″D                    Sold Out

“I live in the northwest corner of Montana not far from the National Bison Range and have ready access to the great American Buffalo.  Not only is this animal a symbol of our national heritage, it is steeped in Montana history as well.”


  • Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence
  • Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale, Cody, Wyoming, William E. Weiss Purchase Award
  • C.M. Russell Museum, Great Falls, Montana, Best of Show
  • The Biscoe Museum, San Antonio, Texas, Artists Choice Award


  • Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming
  • Gerald Ford Foundation, Vail, Colorado
  • High Desert Museum, Bend, Oregon







Barroom Bandit

Edition 35                       15″H X 16″W X 13″D                       $3,800

“The young man who rode “Barroom Bandit” is a patient of my husband, Loren, who saw him on a regular basis as he was quite addicted to the adrenaline rush those kids get from riding bulls.  While he was mending from the last broken bone, this cowboy kindly lent me his rigging which I used for this piece of sculpture.”

Bull Rider


Edition 35                       19″H X 9″W X 9″D                       $3,500


A Colt Named Sonny, 1920

Edition 35                    16″H X 19.5″W X 10″D                    $3,400


  • Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, Arizona, Best of Show for Extraordinary Artistic Achievement in any Media for grouping including “A Colt Named Sonny, 1920”, “Bluff Called” and “Through the Pass”

“A number of years ago, I bought a colt named “Sonny” off the track.  He was talented, athletic and I felt he would make an excellent jumper.  Unfortunately, he had no redeemable social graces and was smart enough to be dangerous.  As I developed this piece of sculpture from the 1920’s, there emerged Sonny, cold-eyed and forever the nonconformist.”

Crossing Spring Creek

CrossingSpringCreekWebEdition 35            26″H X 61″W X 23″D         $18,500 (Wood Base)                                                                               $19,500 (Wood/Granite)

“Last summer, I, along with my trusty cow horse, Zack, my husband and friends, moved cattle from the lower winter pasture up into the summer range.  As the herd balked at crossing Spring Creek, Zack, with his head down and ears back, helped push the cattle down the bank, across the creek and up the other side, giving me the idea for this piece.”

Crossing the Divide

Edition 25                      30″H X 88″W X 12″D                      $18,000
Wood display base included; Wood with granite base is additional cost

“The dogs in the sculpture are cross-bred, actually Alaskan Heinz 57 so-to-speak.  In that area, dogs are often bred for strength and endurance; dogs with heart and dogs capable of withstanding the severe weather.”

National Academy of Western Art (NAWA), Silver Medal Award


Hat of Plumes

HatOfPlumes1997WebEdition 35                      14″H X 6″W X 6″D                      $1,500

“The natural graces of the society belle of the west were often accentuated by the cut of her frock and the affectation she created by the demure look cast under her “Hat of Plumes”.”


Horses of the Mountain

Edition 35                      18″H X 38″W X 16″D                      $15,000

“The type of clay I used in this sculpture has a certain drag to it.  I like it because it’s best suited for pushing and shoving ending with a certain texture of surface quality needed to extenuate the chaos of this piece of work.  But, under the appearance of confusion in this scene of seasonal behavior, belies a strict social structure of dominance, aggression, protection and flight.  Familial symmetry is imperative to the safety and growth of this band of mountain horses.”


  • Desert Cabellaros Western Museum, Wickenburg, Arizona, First place 3-Dimensional Art Award.
  • Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence.

Indian Maiden

IndianMaidenWebEdition 35                         13.5″H X 8″W                         $1,700


Let’s Go Buddy, 1920

Let'sGoBuddy,1920WebEdition 35                      19″H X 22″W X 9″D                      $3,500

“Women of the West in the early 1900’s were independent out of necessity and were respected for their ability to ride, rope and do whatever was required to survive in an inhospitable land.  As loneliness was also part of the vast new country, this pioneer woman invites her dog, Buddy, along for company sharing in the day’s chores.”


Mules at Spotted Bear

MulesAtSpottedBearWebEdition 35                      15″H X 14″W X 8″D                      $2,800

“Although two of my long-term lady friends and I no longer show horses together, we still manage an annual trip packing into the Montana wilderness doing some riding and fly fishing.  This past summer we took our horses into the “Bob Marshall” at Spotted Bear and were treated to the antics of these two roached-mane mules playfully asserting their dominance.”


On the River

Edition 35                      12.5″H X 36″W X 9.5″D                      $6,800

Somewhere, beneath the white noise of the water,
It moves sedately, secretively
Shouldering the reckless action of the river.

If for contrast, as in all great design,
A quiet pool must lie ahead.
Shards of light seem
To obstruct the way there.

Stones bruised by stones, molded by heat
Offer a respite for the way upstream.
Upheavals of gold, ochre, burnt umber
Cater to the sleek body streaked with red.

But, shadows are cast upon its path.
An ancient people of mountain and river,
Now, as before,
Fishing under the long sun of summer.
Sherry Salari Sander

6 1/2 Seconds

SixOneHalfSecondsWebEdition 35                      16″H X 16″W X 9″D                      $3,200


Spirit Strike

SpiritStrikeWebEdition 35                      23″H X 35″W X 18″D                      $4,200

“My husband, Loren, and I had taken our horses into the Bob Marshall Wilderness south of Browning, Montana, scouting for elk.  We came upon a tree that had been literally exploded by a lightning strike.  I had a feeling that, in times long ago, many a Blackfoot woman searched for firewood after a similar violent storm.  Perhaps a gift from the ‘Spirits’?”


Straight-Up Bonnet

strEdition 50                      12″H X 4.5″W X 5.5″D                      $2,000

“This eagle feather headdress is unique to the Blackfeet Tribe which resides near my home in northwest Montana.  It was a wonderful resource for sculpting this feather study in which the portrait itself becomes incidental.  The Straight-Up Bonnet was a religious and war item worn only by very important tribal members and great warriors.  It could be transferred only through ceremonial ritual and the exchange of many horses and other valuables.  It is now worn only at special religious functions.”


Young Stallions

Edition 35                      14″H X 14″W X 7″D                      $3,400


  • Desert Cabellaros Western Museum, Wickenburg, Arizona, First Place 3-dimensional Art Award
  • Western & Wild Horse Art Show & Sale, Sheridan Wyoming, Best Sculpture
  • Allied Artists of America, New York, Leonard J. Meiselman Award