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Castlerock Canyon

CastlerockCanyonWebEdition 35                        19″H X 13″W X 9″D                        $3,500

Collision, chiseled upthrusting
Jagged spires ground by ice.
The tailings washed clean
A time after water talked.

Light is new deep gold
Reflections still low.
Light is high, white and hot.
Shadows thin, pressed against the shapes.
Light heavy, light falling
Profusion of darks
Push away the day.

Music of the canyon cools
Gathering force strikes, sharpens.
And, at the end of its breath
Recedes, a caress.
Come now, the mountain cardinal strolling
Through eroding pews.
Last light touching
Vestment hats of horns.

Sherry Salari Sander

Posted by Sherry on August 1, 2009