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Rocky Mountain Wolves

RockyMountainWolvesWebEdition 35                      17″H X 17″W X 8″D                      $3,400

“The Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf makes its home not far from my studio in the wooded area that butts against the Rockies of Glacier National  Park.  This is a composition and sampler of the construction of a large pack.  The alert alpha male makes use of his keen sense of smell and hearing to decide if the chase should begin.  The beta wolf is poised to follow his lead in play or the hunt.”


  • Allied Artists of America, Elliot Liskin Memorial Award

Through the Pass

Edition 35                      19″H X 40″W X 12″D                      $14,000 (Walnut Base)
                                                                                   $15,000 (Granite/Walnut Base)

“After a time of rest and sleep, a flock of Bighorn Sheep make their way through the mountainous ridges to graze upon a windswept meadow.”


  • International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art, Patron’s Choice Award
  • Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, Arizona, Best of Show for Extraordinary Artistic Achievement in any Media for grouping including Through the Pass, Bluff Called and A Colt Named Sonny, 1920

Collision, chiseled upthrusting
Jagged spires ground by ice.
The tailings washed clean
A time after water talked.

Light is new deep gold
Reflections still low.
Light is high, white and hot.
Shadows thin, pressed against the shapes.
Light heavy, light falling
Profusion of darks
Push away the day.

Music of the canyon cools
Gathering force strikes, sharpens.
And, at the end of its breath
Recedes, a caress.
Come now, the mountain cardinal strolling
Through eroding pews.
Last light touching
Vestment hats of horns.
Sherry Salari Sander



TurkeysWebEdition 35                      14″H X 15″W X 8″D                      $3,000

“The Turkey isn’t native to Montana, however, since its introduction, the Merriam Turkey has done well in its new environment due to stocking and careful management.  These birds spent the winter at our ranch roosting and feeding on purposely left-over grain.”

Awards & Collections:

  • Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, Frankfort, Kentucky, Purchase Award


Young Stallions

Edition 35                      14″H X 14″W X 7″D                      $3,400


  • Desert Cabellaros Western Museum, Wickenburg, Arizona, First Place 3-dimensional Art Award
  • Western & Wild Horse Art Show & Sale, Sheridan Wyoming, Best Sculpture
  • Allied Artists of America, New York, Leonard J. Meiselman Award