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Edition 35                    12″H X 11.5″W X 4″D                         $1,800

“This sculpture represents a moment suspended in time as an antelope races through the sagebrush.”


Antelope at Ingomar


Edition 35                         14″H X 36″W X 11″D                         $8,200

Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming, People’s Choice Award



Antelope Bust ’95


Edition 35                   14″H X 6″W X 9″D                   $2,000


Approaching Cat

Edition 35                      16″H X 33″W X 11″D                      $7,600

“This approaching cougar is caught pausing for a brief moment before he settles amongst the heat-soaked rocks of a mountain outcropping.”


Arctic Brothers

ArcticBrothersWebEdition 35                    11″H X 21″W X 10″D                    Sold Out


  • Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, New York, Animal in Arts Award
  • International Wildlife Exposition, Governor’s Award & Best of Show


Bighorn Study

BigHornStudyWebEdition 35                       10″H X 13″W X 12″D                       $2,200

“This composition reflects my fascination with the ram’s horns which are the focus of this study  rather than the Bighorn bucks themselves.”

Bison Study

Edition 35                        13.5″H X 13″W X 9″D                       $2,400


Bluff Called

Edition 35                       19″H X 36″W X 12″D                       $11,000


  • Patrons Choice Award, International Masters of Fine Art, San Antonio, Texas
  • Purchase Award, International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art, Permanent Collection
  • Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, Arizona, Best of Show for Extraordinary Artistic Achievement in any Media for grouping including Bluff Called, Through the Pass and A Colt Named Sonny, 1920

“A Slight gold reflection lingers, scraping the last of the day’s long shadow.  A piercing whistle is returned from across the canyon, a rattling of sabers.  Guttural sounds of raging passion and eyes red with territorial mania express the need to dominate and procreate.  Bluff is called.  One not yet strong enough will soon be sulking in the safety of a stand of crowded pines where he’ll blow and plot revenge for another day.”

There brushed with yellow and red, a reflection lingers,
smoothing the scant shadows of the day.
A piercing whistle is returned from across the canyon,
ranking dominance coveted.
The reactive thrashing of an evergreen,
incites immature courage.

Deep cavernous rumbling, accented by high-pitched bugles,
perforates the air.
A young challenger succinct in his determination,
driven by the right to the ascendancy of power, strides forth.
Sabers clash, big based horns declare
the doctrine of strength.

Nearby, clusters of dense aspens,
covering for one not yet strong enough.
Sulking, blowing in the safety of the stand of trees,
plots this youngster, revenge for another day.
All aggression is consequential, bluff is called,
the seasons pass, an interlude, a day will come.

 Sherry Salari Sander


Caribou Herd

Edition 35                       17″H X 25″W X 13″D                       $6,200

“While exploring the Lake McKay area during a trip to the Northwest Territories, I happened upon what, from a distance, looked like an old oak tree growing out of the tundra.  On closer inspection, this illusion revealed itself to be a group of caribou presenting such a strong composition that I was compelled to sculpt it…nature’s unfailing inspiration.”



Castlerock Canyon

CastlerockCanyonWebEdition 35                        19″H X 13″W X 9″D                        $3,500

Collision, chiseled upthrusting
Jagged spires ground by ice.
The tailings washed clean
A time after water talked.

Light is new deep gold
Reflections still low.
Light is high, white and hot.
Shadows thin, pressed against the shapes.
Light heavy, light falling
Profusion of darks
Push away the day.

Music of the canyon cools
Gathering force strikes, sharpens.
And, at the end of its breath
Recedes, a caress.
Come now, the mountain cardinal strolling
Through eroding pews.
Last light touching
Vestment hats of horns.

Sherry Salari Sander

Cat & Mouse


Edition 25                       13″H X 12″W X 9″D                         $2,200



Cat on a Ledge


Edition 25                   11.5″H X 15.5″W X 6.5″D                   $3,200

Pemco Award, Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, New York, New York

Cat on Rock


Edition 35                       18″H X 21″W                        $4,000


Change of Command

ChangeOfCommandWebEdition 35                   11″H X 4.5″W X 5″D                   $1,600


The Chase


Edition 35                       11.5″H X 22″W X 9″D                       $3,800


A Colt Named Sonny, 1920

Edition 35                    16″H X 19.5″W X 10″D                    $3,400


  • Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, Arizona, Best of Show for Extraordinary Artistic Achievement in any Media for grouping including “A Colt Named Sonny, 1920”, “Bluff Called” and “Through the Pass”

“A number of years ago, I bought a colt named “Sonny” off the track.  He was talented, athletic and I felt he would make an excellent jumper.  Unfortunately, he had no redeemable social graces and was smart enough to be dangerous.  As I developed this piece of sculpture from the 1920’s, there emerged Sonny, cold-eyed and forever the nonconformist.”

Cougar ’83

Cougar'83WebEdition 25                      12″H X 18″W X 4″D                      Sold Out


  • National Academy of Western Art (NAWA), Gold Medal Award
  • Society of Animal Artists, Best of Show


  • Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • National Wildlife Art Museum, Jackson, Wyoming


Cougar ’97

CougarWebEdition 35                      14″H X 13″W X 8″D                      $2,800

“Having raised an orphan cougar has left me with many impressions of this wondrous athlete.  Cats are superbly built for a life of hunting, requiring speed, power and agility.  They may have an excess of dignity and arrogance but the gracefulness they lend to even the most simple gestures has kept me in awe of this splendid animal.”


Edition 35                     19″H X 20″W X 10″D                    Sold Out

“Two cats, gated by laziness
Supple muscles at rest
Fearless repose, innocuous from interlopers
Breathing hosannas to the Spirits.

Released from sleep, their daily game begins
Curvate shapes, long tails tucked low
Golden contours slink through waving grass
Powerful sinew leap atop polished cupolas
Their silent prowess rewarded with sated appetite.

Solicitous play, amplified by sham growling
Feverish chase taken for fun and survival
Terrestrial roaming shunt intruders
all work done, day is done, well done.

Two cats, once more drenched with sleep
Light abandoned
Hidden bed awaits.
Artist’s soliloquy to its simplicity, to their mystery.”
                                     Sherry Salari Sander


  • Allied Artists of America, Raymond H. Brumer Memorial Award
  • International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art, 1st Runner Up Peoples’ Choice Award


Cut Bank Muley

CutBankMuleyWebEdition 35                      16″H X 11.5″W X 5″D                    $2,400

“The cutbanks of the eastern slope of the Rockies produce trophy muleys where the conditions for health and growth seem to be ideal.  My husband and I never miss an opportunity to visit these big guys during our annual fall trip to the ‘east side’.”


Cut Bank Piskun

CutBankPiskunWebEdition 35                       18″H X 30″W X 12″D                     $6,800


Drew Near But Now Gone

Edition 35                      22″H X 21″W X 13″D                      $8,200

“Through distraction or perhaps curiosity of even a slight irregularity in its landscape, an animal will draw near.  But, in a breath, they will sense a misshape or smell and are soon gone beyond the disappearing light of evening.”


Eagles at Lake Iliamna


                  Edition Size 35                    17″H X 20″W X 16″D                    $6200

“Our family has a cabin in Alaska located in the heart of the Lake Iliamna Salmon Fishery.  Grizzlies and eagles abound taking advantage of the schools of salmon returning to the rivers for the seasonal spawning runs.  Reaching these isolated sights by float plane, we circled overhead referencing the grizzlies before landing to observe eagles and do a little fishing.  Once down, and with the watchful eye for bears, we enjoyed being entertained by these powerful birds of prey squabbling over their fish dinner.”


Environment at Winnett

EnvironmentAtWinnettWebEdition 35                      14″H X 48″W X 10″D                       $12,000

“The area of Winnett in central Montana is an outdoor sculpture in itself.  Bold geometric rock formations, colored by light, are to be found no where but on the plains of Montana.  Antelope and many other animals call the “Environment at Winnett” home.”


Ere to Autumn

EreToAutumnWebEdition 35                      17″H X 29″W X 7″D                       $4,600