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Goats at Rest

GoatsAtRestWebEdition 35                           15″H X 20″W                           $5,800


  • North American Sculpture Exhibition, New York, Renaissance Bronze Award
  • Allied Artists of America, Helen Gapen Oehler Memorial Award


1 Dec 2006

Golden on a Ledge

GoldenOnALedgeWebEdition 35                       17″H X 9″W X 6″D                      $2,200


1 Nov 2006

Gorilla (Heroic Size & Maquette)

Edition 8                    47″H X 77″W X 30″D                   Call for Price
Edition 35                  17″H X 22″W X 10″D                          Sold Out

“I had always seen gorilla sculptures done on all fours with that mean posture and attitude.  They are not at all like that.  Although they do have a formidable look on their faces and sculpture can’t get around that, they are not in the least bit aggressive.  They are a passive, kind, shy introverted animal.  I designed this piece expressly for a zoo setting.  I made a real conscious effort to design the Gorilla so that kids would not fear it and would climb on it and sit on its lap.  I wanted it to lie in quiet repose.”

Permanent Collections:

  • Benson Park Sculpture Garden, Loveland, Colorado
  • The Denver Zoo, Denver, Colorado
  • Oklahoma City Zoo, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Genesee Country Museum, Mumford, New York
  • National Wildlife Art Museum, Jackson, Wyoming (Maquette)



1 Oct 2006


GorillaSittingWebEdition 35                      10″H X 6″W X 9.5″D                       $2,400


1 Sep 2006

Gorilla Bust

GorillaBustWebEdition 35                            13″H X 8″W                           $1,800


1 Aug 2006

Great Northern

GreatNorthernWebEdition 25                           27″H X 35″W                         $10,000

Permanent Collections:

  • National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, Wyoming


1 Jun 2006

Grizzly (Monumental)

Edition 8                 7.5’H X 9.5’W X 5.5’D                 Call for Price

Permanent Collections:

  • Big Sky of Montana, Huntley Lodge, Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, Montana, north of Yellowstone National Park
  • Art in Public Places, Bend, Oregon, installed in City roundabout
  • Private Collection


1 May 2006

Hat of Plumes

HatOfPlumes1997WebEdition 35                      14″H X 6″W X 6″D                      $1,500

“The natural graces of the society belle of the west were often accentuated by the cut of her frock and the affectation she created by the demure look cast under her “Hat of Plumes”.”


1 Mar 2006



22″H X 17″W X 13″D       Edition Size:  35       Sold Out


Society of Animal Artists,  Award of Excellence


1 Feb 2006

The Heavies

Edition 35                      15″H X 23″W X 9″D                      $7,600

“These young grizzlies take a respite from the work of being a bear to enjoy a friendly wrestling match.”


  • Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence
  • Allied Artists of America, New York, Ranieri Sculpture Casting Award




1 Feb 2006

Herd of Birds

Edition 35                      14″H X 38″W X 8″D                      SOLD OUT

“The challenge in designing Herd of Birds was to create a lyrical, perhaps even playful, mood while still maintaining the ostriches’ integrity.
“For a seemingly awkward animal, the ostrich is extremely graceful at full speed.”


  • International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art, Patrons Choice Award

Permanent Collections:

  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Private Collections

Upon the stones
ten thousand years sooner than I,
Historians were scripting annals
of birds that run.

Shared is the desire to record
this wizardry of nature,
this ancient family of the savanna.
And, in the telling, images of
beaks agape hawking their journey
Sailing a sea of sand and wind.

Scratched in stone,
forms in bronze
Unabridged by space or subsequence,
The need remains,
we recombine.
Children of our,
show others their way.
Sherry Salari Sander


1 Jan 2006

Hidden in Dogwood

HiddenInDogwoodWebEdition 35                      21.5″H X 20″W X 10″D                      $4,200

“Steam rises from the open spring, cooling above on the canopy that protects the pond.  A rustling of early frost can be heard.  Below, amid the leaf-felled dogwood of summer, preen the last remaining ‘Northerns’ headed south.”


1 Dec 2005

High in the Rockies

Edition 35                      24″H X 14″W X 12″D                      $4,200


1 Nov 2005

Horses of the Mountain

Edition 35                      18″H X 38″W X 16″D                      $15,000

“The type of clay I used in this sculpture has a certain drag to it.  I like it because it’s best suited for pushing and shoving ending with a certain texture of surface quality needed to extenuate the chaos of this piece of work.  But, under the appearance of confusion in this scene of seasonal behavior, belies a strict social structure of dominance, aggression, protection and flight.  Familial symmetry is imperative to the safety and growth of this band of mountain horses.”


  • Desert Cabellaros Western Museum, Wickenburg, Arizona, First place 3-Dimensional Art Award.
  • Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence.
1 Oct 2005

Humpback Whales

HumbackWhalesWebEdition 50                      9″H X 10″W X 4″D                       $1,800


1 Sep 2005


ImpalaWebEdition 35                      18″H X 20″W X 12″D                      $5,200


1 Aug 2005


GorillasWebEdition 25                      15″H X 15″W X 10″D                      $3,800


1 Jul 2005

Indian Maiden

IndianMaidenWebEdition 35                         13.5″H X 8″W                         $1,700


1 Jul 2005


LabWebEdition 35                         12″H X 9″W                         $1,500


1 May 2005

Late Fall

Edition 35                      22.5″H X 25″W X 10″D                      $4,000


1 Apr 2005

Let’s Go Buddy, 1920

Let'sGoBuddy,1920WebEdition 35                      19″H X 22″W X 9″D                      $3,500

“Women of the West in the early 1900’s were independent out of necessity and were respected for their ability to ride, rope and do whatever was required to survive in an inhospitable land.  As loneliness was also part of the vast new country, this pioneer woman invites her dog, Buddy, along for company sharing in the day’s chores.”


1 Mar 2005

Lily Pond Study

LilyPondStudyWebEdition 35                      12″H X 12″W X 8″D                      $2,000

“Animals wander freely and unafraid on our property.  Through the woods runs an ancient, but still used, game trail.  Nearby is a lily pond sheltered by fallen cottonwood.  Perhaps a moose was there.”


1 Feb 2005

The Lily Pond

LilyPondWebEdition 35                      34″H X 30″W X 18″D                      $7,800

“I see in the woods and am unobstructed by human interference.  Animals wander freely and unafraid sharing their space with us as we are all guests of this place.  I look around me, the environment is inspiring; mood, shape, color.  I cannot dismiss this consideration as I work.  Nearby, on an ancient game trail, is a lily pond sheltered by fallen cottonwood, perhaps a moose was there.”


1 Jan 2005

Mallard Study I

MallardStudyIWebEdition 35                      10″H X 8″W X 8″D                      $1,800


1 Sep 2004

Mallard Study II


Edition 35                      12″H X 9″W X 7″D                      $1,800

“We have a series of spring-fed ponds on our ranch that stay open throughout the winter.  Mallards, geese and others pour onto these springs by the hundreds.  I’ve had thrilling days watching them break through the dense gray searching for an open spot on our bird hostel.”


1 Aug 2004